Q: Why do you only work on laptops?

A: After twenty years of enjoying the art and science of repairing computers in the Indianapolis area, I find myself disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. Rather than giving up and letting the disease take over my life, I began to figure out how to fit my disease into my love of helping people with their computer technology. The result is LaptopIndy. I do not need to walk or lift large amounts to repair laptops. So, I focus on laptops, which allows me to help people without letting my disability disable my work.

Q: Why don't you sell parts or laptops?

A: Partially due to the difficulty of keeping records, partially due to the headache of dealing with corporate tax law for the state of Indiana, but mostly because I don't like retail. I don't like buying things at one price, then turning around and selling them at a higher price and pocketing the difference. It just isn't me. I would much rather charge for what I actually do, charge my clients for my knowledge.

Q: Can I drop off my laptop at you shop?

A: No, because we don't have a publicly open shop. However, we offer free pickup and delivery!

Q: Why is your shop closed to the public?

A: Security. As we deal with client laptops, we wish to protect them and our client's data. We do so by keeping our shop location out of the public eye.

Q: If your shop location is secret, how do I get my laptop to you?

A: We offer free pickup and delivery, included with our repair service.

Q: What if my laptop is not repairable? Do I have to pay for pickup and delivery?

A: No, we won't make you pay for pickup and delivery even then.